Why use ‘Clean for the Weekend’?

This is not your average car cleaning and valet service. We bring the expertise and attention to detail of a professional hand cleaned finish with the convenience of a drive-way service

  • Convenient on the drive-way service
  • A personal commitment to customer satisfaction. My pride, in your joy
  • We bring the tools – pressure washer, snow foam applicators, hand polishers, clean applicators, premium and safe wash products applied properly to ensure a premium finish
  • Seasonal focused cleaning techniques for summer, autumn and winter conditions
  • Expertise in maintaining that factory look for longer

Why not the Supermarket/Quick Roadside Handwash?

  • All of our cleans are a minimum of 1.5hrs, guaranteeing you a premium finish
  • We don’t re-use dirty sponges from clean to clean. Each job uses fresh micro fibre mitts, applicators and dryers, the two bucket wash/rinse method and all buckets have grit guards to ensure your paintwork doesn’t suffer
  • Premium products are used, not fast-acting harsh chemicals that can damage your paint and wheels
  • Why clean it and then get it dirty on the way home? We’ll come to you. Got a job on at home or just don’t have the time? Our trusted and friendly service will come to you

What’s included?

We offer our customers a range of services designed to suit your needs. We offer a host of additional extras that can compliment the basics. If you would like to discuss a specific option, adding options or maybe a service not listed, let us know.

07740 707539